Paranormal romance

Looking for a bad boy who goes bump in the night? Steal away into the night with these steamy paranormal romance reads.


The Alien's Virgin

An Alien SciFi Romance (Chief of Kurah)

Kennedy Davis doesn’t quite know how she ended up in this strange place.

She’d left her shift at work and taken her dog out, only to find herself on a strange planet, amidst two hulking alien races battling for territory.

Most shockingly, she finds herself in the arms of Chief Garock, the resident alpha of the Kurah alien race.

Chief Garock does what all Kurah do in times of trouble: prays to the Spirit Tree for help. It’s the Harvest Celebration, and the competing Selith race has its sights set on overtaking as much land - and females - as possible.

When the tree bark splits to reveal a fair-skinned, red-haired goddess, Garock’s prayers for deliverance are answered.

Kennedy tries to convince Garock that she’s no goddess of his. But she finds it impossible to fight her fierce attraction to him.

Alphas of Red Moon Ranch

(Complete Series) BBW Shifter Mail Order Bride Romance (Alphas of Red Moon Ranch Book 1)

Holly wakes up one morning to find she's thirty-nine with nothing to call her own but a failed marriage and a widening hourglass figure.

Everything changes when her friend signs her up for MeetYourMate, a mail-order bride service. At first, the intellect in Holly scoffs at the idea, but when she starts receiving messages from a dangerously sexy rancher, Jacob, she falls into temptation.

But Jacob is harboring a dark, primal secret and it's up to Holly to uncover the truth at Red Moon Ranch.

Bad Bear of Red Moon Ranch

(Alphas of Red Moon Ranch Book 2)

What if love isn’t enough…can a human and a shifter find common ground?

When Joy Harding fled her childhood home in search of her dreams, she never envisioned the long hours at a thankless job that city life would bring with it. A health scare sends her back home for some R&R, but it also lands her right back into the arms of the one man she could never run from.

To Brent Westmore, Joy will always be the one who got away, and there will never be anyone to replace her. She’s home again and back in his arms where she belongs, but what will he do about the secret that tore them apart in the first place? And who will take on a witch who’s determined to get revenge against the entire Westmore family?

Origins of an Alpha

(Alphas of Red Moon Ranch Book 3)

What would you do to save your family…and yourself?

It’s a new era, a time of free love and women’s lib. So why did Mae McCullen agree to marry a total stranger at her father’s request? Ever the good girl, the solid one, she thinks it’s all to keep her family’s land and money secure. Instead, her father is hiding a much darker secret, one that is too wild to be real.

Scott Westmore doesn’t much care who he marries. After all, one human is the same as the next. But with the intense feeling that he’s losing touch with his human side, a marriage of convenience seems like an easy way to tether himself to reality and keep his Beast under control.

But when a shaman’s orphan has other plans for the shifter clans, ones that will curse the alpha into an animal existence forever, Mae must break the curse if she has any hope of keeping her bear…but only if he’s willing to stay.

Keeper of the Alphas

(Complete Series: Parts 1-5 Boxed Set): A BBW Werebear Shifter Menage

Keeper of the Alphas features hot alpha bear shifters, a daring heroine, and steamy menage romance. Ensure a cool reading environment to avoid overheating!

Curvy and confident, Cami runs away to New York City to avoid her past.

She lives in a closet, wards off nightmares, and dodges advances from her sleazy boss. Everything changes when she gets the call that her estranged mother has passed away. She's forced to return to her old home town in the backwoods of Oregon and come face to face with her old demons.

However, she gets a surprise when she finds her old home is already occupied by a mysterious, handsome stranger with a dark secret. And then there's the matter of her childhood best friend, Jayce, who has grown into his dazzling smile and inescapable charm.

Just when things couldn't get anymore complicated, there's the matter of the red eyes stalking Cami from the woods…

The Keeper of the Alphas boxed set includes:

Book I. Twice the Beast
Book II. Hunting for Curves
Book III. A Growl and a Howl
Book IV. Double Her Mate
Book V. Tamed and Claimed