Contemporary Romance

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Practice Makes Perfect

A Fake Fiancée Romance

Damien Blaze is the HOTTEST ticket in rock and roll…so long as keeps his hands off the fans.

When the record label decides he needs to work on his image—starting with the fiancée they “chose” for him—settling down and growing up might be the last thing on his mind.

Nancy Harper has a stake in all this, too. She’s a veteran celebrity tabloid reporter and has watched her male colleagues move on to corner offices and expense accounts while she’s still stuck digging through A-listers’ trash cans for a scoop. The story of a lifetime lands in her lap, and all she has to do to get the promotion is pretend to fall in love with the bad boy rock star.

What does she do when neither of them can pretend anymore…but only one of them knows it was all a lie?