The Alien's Virgin

The Alien's Virgin

Kennedy Davis doesn’t quite know how she ended up in this strange place.

She’d left her shift at work and taken her dog out, only to find herself on a strange planet, amidst two hulking alien races battling for territory.

Most shockingly, she finds herself in the arms of Chief Garock, the resident alpha of the Kurah alien race.

Chief Garock does what all Kurah do in times of trouble: prays to the Spirit Tree for help. It’s the Harvest Celebration, and the competing Selith race has its sights set on overtaking as much land - and females - as possible.

When the tree bark splits to reveal a fair-skinned, red-haired goddess, Garock’s prayers for deliverance are answered.

Kennedy tries to convince Garock that she’s no goddess of his. But she finds it impossible to fight her fierce attraction to him.

Morgan Rae